Hygiene and Sanitation in Health Care Institutions

Hygiene and Sanitation in Health Care Institutions


About the program

The safety and sanitation of health care institutions is essential to their proper functioning. The Hygiene and Sanitation in Health Care Institutions program prepares you to perform cleaning and disinfection in hospitals and in medical clinics.

Sanitary guidelines in Canada are very specific and determine how health care institutions must maintain their facilities in order to ensure patient, visitor, and staff safety. Our experienced instructors train you in the latest techniques and standards of practice through hands-on, guided learning. Our small classes and excellent student to teacher ratio means you get very individualized attention in a collaborative environment. We have a special partnership with local health care facilities that welcome our students. You train on site and gain real world experience, while building strong employer networks. The program is also an excellent choice for individuals looking to expand their general building maintenance skills into the health care sector. 

Skills you will learn:

  • To clean and disinfect hospital facilities
  • Perform daily maintenance tasks
  • How to follow sanitary guidelines
  • Understanding professional standards

A career in health care

Jobs in health care institutions are strongly on the rise in Canada with the tremendous growth in the senior population. Our graduates have the flexibility to work in any number of health care settings and acquire skills that are in high demand.


Latest posts


“I got a job right away working for a hostel in Sherbrooke. Thanks to LBPCE for connecting me to this fantastic resource. “




“We were actually the first class to be started so I guess we were called “The Pioneers”. Getting to know the teachers, we discussed actual real life events that take place in hospitals. It was very interesting.”



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