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Vocational training programs

Residential & Commercial Drafting

If you’re looking for a career that combines technical skills with creativity and design, then come explore our Residential and Commercial Drafting program! As a draftsperson, you’ll be responsible for creating detailed technical drawings for the buildings and structures all around us. You’ll have the opportunity to bring abstract design to life and leave a lasting impression on the world . Plus, with the growth of the construction and manufacturing industries, the demand for skilled draftspersons is high, making it a stable and lucrative career choice.

So, why not invest in yourself and your future by studying to become a draftsperson today?

This 1800 Diplôme d’Études Professionnelles (DEP), which includes a stage placement in industry, will prepare you to join the rigorous world of Residential and Commercial Drafting.


High school diploma or Sec. IV English,
French & Math

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Program Description

The Residential and Commercial Drafting program teaches you to prepare technical drawings in readiness for a career in the architectural and building engineer industries.

Students will learn a range of skills using the latest cutting-edge software. Our technical labs and our teaching staff of seasoned experts will provide the hands-on experience needed to excel.

The program is built around easy-to-follow modules and encourages learners to work independently and in teams through practical workshops. Students will have the opportunity to explore how building systems work including electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation, and how to integrate them into drafting of blueprints.

Students will prepare drafting projects to enhance their professional portfolio; an added value for employers as you transition into a career. As part of the program students will apply their newly learned skills in a real world setting and  network with industry experts through a professional stage.

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Did you know…

Our students are trained on the latest software (REVIT & AUTOCAD).
Experience leads to senior or supervisor experience
In this industry you will work with multidisciplinary teams including engineers, architects and industrial designers.

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