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Vocational Training Programs

Pharmacy Technical Assistance

The Pharmacy Technical Assistance vocational program will open the door to your future in the healthcare industry. Learn the skills and knowledge necessary to assist pharmacists in preparing medication, administrative tasks and dealing with the public.

This 1230 Diplôme d’Études Professionnelles (DEP), which includes  stages  in both community and hospital pharmacies, will prepare you to start your journey to becoming a trusted member of the pharmacy team.


High school diploma OR secondary 4 English, French & Math

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Program Description

The Pharmacy Technical Assistant program prepares you to work with a pharmacist in either a private pharmacy, community setting, or in a health care establishment. The main role of a pharmacy technical assistant is to help the pharmacist in issuing prescriptions, maintaining and updating patient files, as well as the sale of medications and pharmaceutical products.

Our teachers are industry experts and provide you with hands-on training in a friendly environment. Our program blends theoretical learning with clinical experiences, as well as training on the latest computer-based management programs.

We will guide you every step of the way to make sure that you start your new career right!

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Did you know…

There are approximately 2000 licensed pharmacies in Quebec, 400 of which are in Montreal.
The demand for qualified Pharmacy Technical Assistants continue to grow as a result of the growing aging population and individuals impacted by chronic diseases
Students in our Pharmacy Assistance Program benefit from our Alternance Travail, Etudes formula, which allows them to gain knowledge and experience by volunteering in a community pharmacy on a weekly basis while pursuing their studies.

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