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Vocational Training Programs

Hygiene and Sanitation in Health Care Settings

Hygiene and Sanitation in Health Care Settings

Proper Hygiene and Sanitation is more critical than ever in our health care facilities in order to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable populations and front line health care workers. The Hygiene and Sanitation program will prepare you to do your part in our healthcare facilities.

This 525 hour Attestation d’études professionnelles (AEP), will prepare you to join the essential world of Hygiene and Sanitation.


High school diploma OR secondary 3 English, French & Math

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Program Description

The safety and sanitation of health care institutions is essential to their proper functioning. Sanitary guidelines in Canada are very specific and determine how health care institutions must maintain their facilities in order to ensure patient, visitor, and staff safety. The Hygiene and Sanitation in Health Care Settings program familiarizes you with the standards and procedures needed to ensure health care facilities meet these exacting requirements.

Our experienced instructors train you in the latest techniques through hands-on, guided learning. Our partnerships with local health organizations will allow you to gain real-world experience, while building strong employer networks. 

Program graduates work in different health care facilities, such as hospitals, residential and long-term care centres (CHSLDs), local community service centres (CLSCs) and seniors’ residences, medical clinics, rehabilitation centres and palliative care facilities.

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Did you know…

According to the World Bank, hygiene promotion is the most cost-effective health action to reduce disease.
Maintenance personnel are needed 7 days a week 24 hours a day allowing for a diverse and flexible schedule that can fit any lifestyle.
Hospitals and other health facilities would not be able to operate without the work of these essential personnel.

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