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Vocational Training Programs

Professional Cooking

Unleash your culinary potential with our comprehensive Professional Cooking program. Learn the latest cooking techniques, gain hands-on experience in a commercial kitchen setting, and master a variety of cuisines under the guidance of experienced chefs. Perfect your skills and turn your passion for food into a successful career.

This 1470 Diplôme d’Études Professionnelles (DEP), which includes a stage placement in industry, will prepare you to join the savoury world of Professional Cooking.


High school diploma or Sec. IV English,
French & Math

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Program Description

Professional Cooking is a fast-paced and hands-on program that prepares you for an exciting career in the food industry. Whether looking to cook at home, are simply a foodie, or an aspiring chef come join us at PACC.

You will work with our seasoned chef instructors in our renovated facilities. Through hands-on and collaborative learning, you discover how to translate your passion for food into a professional career. Our students develop the knowledge and ability to manage all facets of food preparation, from mise en place, to service and menu creation while studying to become professional cooks.

You will have the opportunity to cook for guests in our Le Saucier dining room, showcase your creations in our boutiques as well as train in some of the top Montreal restaurants as part of our student stage (internship) program.

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Did you know…

You can continue growing your skill set in the Market-Fresh Cooking Program.

A professional cooking program can open up a variety of career paths including becoming a chef, pastry chef, caterer, food stylist, or even food writer.

Students from PACC do their internships at some of the best restaurants in the Montreal area.

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