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Vocational Training Programs

Computing Support

Every business has a digital presence and the demand for IT support has seen a sharp rise to meet those needs. Our computing support program prepares you to support industry and organizations with their computer systems, hardware, software and network settings.

This 1800 Diplôme d’Études Professionnelles (DEP), which includes a stage placement in industry, will prepare you to join the dynamic world of Computing Support.


High school diploma
or Sec. IV English,
French & Math

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Program Description

The Computing Support vocational program prepares individuals to provide technical assistance, support, and advice to computer users.

The program covers a wide range of topics such as computer hardware, software, operating systems, network systems, and security. Graduates of this program can work as IT support technicians, help desk specialists, or computer repair technicians.

 The program focuses on hands-on training and problem-solving skills to equip students with the technical knowledge and customer service skills needed for success in the field.

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Did you know…

The term debugging can be traced back to Admiral Grace Hopper, who worked at Harvard University in the 1940s. When one of her colleagues found a moth impeding the operation of one of the university’s computers, she told them they were debugging the system
We are a Microsoft Academy
There are over 32,000 IT support firms in Canada with over 600,000 people working in IT roles

Tech support to the rescue.
Did you try turning it off and on again?

Get tech-savvy. Join our computing support
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